231e47 – an address, a state of mind

Carrying strong values of collaboration & innovation, the name 231e47 is a nod to the 231 East 47th Street in New York, that hosted for several years Andy Warhol’s Factory, a place of inspiration, creativity and cultural blend.

Just as journalists, painters and dancers would work together at the Factory to create new practices, we build bridges between digital culture and company culture to codesign operational, pragmatic and original solutions for your issues related to transformation.


39, Rue de Palestro, 75002 Paris
💌 hello@231e47.com

New York

180 Varick Street Suite, 1002 New York, NY 10014
💌 hello@231e47.com

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Training organisation registered under number 11 75 543466 75 by the Ile-de-France region.